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May 27th 2017 in Blather

“So, Alex, we want to talk to you about your new card line,” Mr. Schlegel began. “I just finished the Get Well card; it’s so great,” Alex responded, smiling. “Yes, well,” Mr. Schlegel started, “it’s just that we don’t see consistent or growing demand for necromancy greeting cards here at Hallmark.” “Of course not!” Alex continued, gleeful and unscathed. “That’s why it’s a small market collection and you can charge five or six bucks for the foil designs.” “While we definitely want offerings that settle into our uprange, this may be too small a demographic to support with its own line,” Mr. Schlegel replied. “This one, for example: Please don’t worry … I can fix all of that when I bring you back.” He looked at Alex with raised eyebrows. “Multi-purposed,” she answered, nodding. “Could be an apology card, romance/love, get well, or sympathy.” Mr. Schlegel took a deep breath. “We typically favor a very targeted card approach, with an obvious positioning.” “Look,” Alex said slowly, “think about it in two ways: 1) you’ll rule the goth card scene (which includes necromancers) – so solid footing there, and 2) you’ll be the only shop that can say you mean it with your Valentine’s Day “I’ll love you forever” crap.” For a moment (a brief moment), Schlegel was intrigued.

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“Supper’s ready!” his mom called out. “Okaaaay!” he responded, immediately sighing. He hated the night before camp started – right down to your final fun meal (your last supper) before all of the jerks started arriving by bus and you all focused on “eating healthy” and “having fun”. He stuck out his tongue as a […]

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