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May 29th 2017 in Microfiction

“Today, we remember those who have served and still fight. We acknowledge the dignity, courage, and dedication of those who step forward to protect others, to preserve peace, to act as a champion for the most vulnerable,” Russell said, raising his glass. “Here here!” Grant called out. “Loud and proud!” Rebecca added. “We remember … ,” Russell prompted. “Three generations in the Army!” someone yelled. “My cousin David who opened a homeless shelter!” “My daughter Barbara, who’s working 3 jobs to support her kids!” “My Christopher – who found the strength to save his own life!” “We honor our loved ones,” Russell added, standing up, “for the sacrifices they have made and currently face in order to bring light to the darkness. We, the dead, honor the living today! Let memory be a conduit for help and hope.”

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when you look in the mirror baby
be your own best friend
for we are the light fantastic
(let’s trip)
and the music has no end

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