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June 26th 2017 in Microfiction

“What I mean is she’s solid – she’s solid magically,” he said. “No one is judging her,” the other replied. “And yet reason dictates we consider the irascibility of fairy magic and build that into the equation.” “I am not advocating rushing into this, but we want to draw the right power to our effort,” he said, trying to be patient. “Indeed we must, but we must never let urgency cloud our judgment,” said the other flatly. “Speaking of cloudy judgment,” he started sharply. Maleficent sighed, staring at the door behind which Saruman and Gandalf argued over her usefulness to The Cause. Suppressing a laugh, she stepped forward, extending a wisp of green from her index finger and unlocking a side chamber. “Boys, boys, boys,” she whispered. “I believe a more balanced perspective is in order.” She stepped forward to pull the cover off of the palantir.

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The old house. The old mill. The abandoned mine.
I’m getting tired of driving the van to our next horrific, danger-packed, unnatural adventure.
When I left home, I was moving AWAY from that crap – leaving it all behind me.

But it finds you. Zoinks. 

I’ll hang out with my friends for a bit but, when […]

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“What’s your favorite music?” Anthony asked shyly, trying to make conversation. “”Muffled screams,” Wednesday replied, staring at him. Anthony fumbled with his phone for a moment, then set it carefully beside him; within seconds, a haunted house soundtrack began to play (with creaking doors, rattling windows, the moaning of ghosts, and bloodcurdling shrieks). “May I […]

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