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July 8th 2017 in Microfiction

“Why are you even nice to her?” Calvin asked his Aunt Mae. “Who?” she asked in reply, pausing to put four cans of kidney beans into the shopping cart. “That woman from church who just passed you – that total hag,” Calvin huffed. “First,” Aunt Mae responded, turning around, “you be careful throwing your judgments around; they might smack you upside the head some day.” Calvin groaned. “Second,” she continued, “I saw her and smiled, not only because I think we should at least TRY to take the high road, but because it’s going to irritate the hell out of her all day.” Aunt Mae smiled broadly and crinkled her nose. “You threw Reverse Shade,” Calvin said, following behind her, his eyes wide and his voice full of admiration.

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His laughter (so rare) filled every room and corridor. The others froze, wondering what to make of it. Running as fast as he could, Renfield arrived – breathless – in the great hall and quickly bent down upon one knee. “Master!” he cried. “Master, what is it?!?” Dracula wiped the blood tears from his eyes […]

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The real world should be just a touch stone – a place you return to when you’re spent from defying it (when you’re tired from conjuring dreams and need to rest).
Pause and replenish yourself, then depart as soon as you can (back into the imagination).
I feel that I need to warn my children (and, […]

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