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July 10th 2017 in Microfiction

The customer jumped as the plate was set before him, distracted. “You best be on watch now, Sugar. Stay alert. Pretty thing like yourself, out in the open, trying to eat yo lunch,” came a soft and lazy drawl from the kitchen. “Heh. Sorry. It’s been a long night,” the customer said, shaking his head. “This looks AMAZING.” “Thank you, dahlin’,” came the voice again. “Can’t have you runnin’ for yo damn life on an empty stomach now.” “Running for my life, huh?” the customer laughed. “I promise to pay my bill; we’re good.” “Oh, we more than good, Baby, but the world a strange and dangerous place; you keep yo mind sharp and gas in yo car for the leaving,” came the advice. “Leaving this place? Cutest backwater pisshole ever; what’s going to hurt me here?” the customer laughed. “This place’ll love you to death, Sweet Pea,” the voice said again. The customer quickly jumped down and walked behind the counter to peer into the kitchen with a smile. There was no one there.

(In memory of Nelsan Ellis. RIP, Lafayette.)

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The real world should be just a touch stone – a place you return to when you’re spent from defying it (when you’re tired from conjuring dreams and need to rest).
Pause and replenish yourself, then depart as soon as you can (back into the imagination).
I feel that I need to warn my children (and, […]

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“I’m … well, I’m here for the same reason everyone comes here, I suppose,” she said softly, eyes down. “To find someone.” “Someone special,” he added (just as softly). “Yes,” she confirmed. “Someone specific,” he emphasized the last word, coming at last to the heart of the matter. “Is this real? Is it even possible?” […]

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