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July 11th 2017 in Microfiction

“I’m … well, I’m here for the same reason everyone comes here, I suppose,” she said softly, eyes down. “To find someone.” “Someone special,” he added (just as softly). “Yes,” she confirmed. “Someone specific,” he emphasized the last word, coming at last to the heart of the matter. “Is this real? Is it even possible?” she asked, hesitant but hopeful. “Yes and yes,” the necromancer said, smiling. “Here at Known Entities, we can bring back a potential romantic interest whose strengths and foibles are the stuff of legend. You can, in a way, live out your fantasy, but … I must warn you … they are people like you and I. History doesn’t reveal all of the secrets it holds and it tends to gloss over what it does shove out into the light.” “Wow,” she said, facing her moment of truth. “Let’s do it.” She put a photograph on the table face down between them and waited. He touched the photograph and turned it over. “Nikola Tesla,” he whispered. “Interesting choice.” “I like brainy,” she said, getting out her wallet.

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The customer jumped as the plate was set before him, distracted. “You best be on watch now, Sugar. Stay alert. Pretty thing like yourself, out in the open, trying to eat yo lunch,” came a soft and lazy drawl from the kitchen. “Heh. Sorry. It’s been a long night,” the customer said, shaking his head. […]

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“What would you do for your fantasy quit?” Ned asked Sheri in the break room. “I’d work with a local coven to cast a spell on everyone,” she replied without hesitation. “Ooooh … a curse; well done!” Ned signaled his approval with enthusiastic nodding. “Locusts? Plague? Loss of key accounts?” Sheri smiled. “Even worse,” she […]

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