Tansy Undercrypt
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July 12th 2017 in Microfiction

“What would you do for your fantasy quit?” Ned asked Sheri in the break room. “I’d work with a local coven to cast a spell on everyone,” she replied without hesitation. “Ooooh … a curse; well done!” Ned signaled his approval with enthusiastic nodding. “Locusts? Plague? Loss of key accounts?” Sheri smiled. “Even worse,” she said. “I’d make it so that, every time they wished each other a nice day, that’s exactly what they’d have.” “Uh … how is that a curse?” Ned asked, confused. “Given how these people like to bitch and moan,” Sheri replied with a wry grin, “it would destroy them.” Ned whistled and put up his hand to offer a High Five.

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“I’m … well, I’m here for the same reason everyone comes here, I suppose,” she said softly, eyes down. “To find someone.” “Someone special,” he added (just as softly). “Yes,” she confirmed. “Someone specific,” he emphasized the last word, coming at last to the heart of the matter. “Is this real? Is it even possible?” […]

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David discovered the manatee maiden (a teemaid) crying in the shallows. “Hey, hey!” he said softly. “I’m right here. What’s the matter?” She pointed with a flipper to a cut on her tail, her eyes blinking with tears and her lower lip twitching with misery. “Did a boat do that?” David asked, carefully taking a […]

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