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July 17th 2017 in Microfiction

“I just think fun is more important than premise,” said the one. “I disagree,” said the other. “There should be a purpose and a resolution of some kind.” “That takes out most long story arcs,” observed the first, “and I like me a long arc.” “I’m okay with quality over quantity,” replied the second. “Then everything’s a one-hit wonder,” the one said curtly. “Not entirely! Soap operas run for decades, episode after episode. My point is that storylines are written to RESOLVE,” replied the other (irritated). “Are we going to have to break you two up?” asked the registration angel, exasperated. They sat sullenly for a moment. “Nah, we’re fine,” George responded, then added (with a gesture): “Fancypants over here is a vampire guy.” “We’re fine,” Martin replied. “Doofus wants us all to return as zombies and eat our grieving families.” The angel sighed heavily.

(In memory of George A. Romero and Martin Landau)

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Everybody else is still so freaking relevant.
Still so deadly.
We’re encouraged to focus on ourselves and our work, keep going until we make it, use our frustration as fuel, use others as inspiration, and stay sexy as hell.

Pride, greed, anger, envy, and lust – all there.

And me? I’m just a meme (slacking at work, falling […]

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