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July 25th 2017 in Microfiction

“You brought a new … uh … you’re dating someone new,” Heidi observed (awkwardly and visibly uncomfortable). Lydia nodded, looking out onto the patio where her date sat, talking animatedly and twitching his tail. “The incubus,” Lydia answered at last. “We’ve been seeing each other for about 3 months.” “Wow, that’s great,” Heidi responded, less than convincing in her enthusiasm. “Has he met your parents?” “Not yet,” Lydia replied. “Because, wow. An incubus. Your mom’s pretty religious; that’s going to be interesting,” Heidi prodded. Out on the patio, her date laughed warmly at someone’s joke, then leaned back comfortably and put his hooves up. “Look,” Lydia said flatly, turning to face her friend. “He’s a demon. He courts to steal souls. He’s done it for centuries; I am the latest in a long line of targets made weak and impressionable by years of bad relationships.” Heidi gulped. “But he’s honed his approach for a millennia or more and I am his entire focus right now. Think about that for a minute.” Heidi was, indeed, thinking about that; in truth, she thought about almost nothing else (until she attracted an incubus of her own).

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Norman heard the whooping and the hollering in the side yard and muttered to himself from the chair to the switch that turned on the holy water sprinkler system. When the noise turned to shrieks and hisses, he laughed. “How you like THAT?!? Damn fool rabble-rousers!” The silence held for a while until, off in […]

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When Death arrived, he found Herb Fitzroy sitting up in front of a lap tray of Jell-O shots. “Haven’t felt good all day; wondered if you were gonna stop by,” Herb said with a smile. “Almost set out the tequila, but I been workin’ on these for poker night and it seems a shame to […]

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