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August 4th 2017 in Microfiction

“You’re despicable,” the angel said grimly. “Watching these people for your chance to ruin things.” The demon sighed. “I get no pleasure out of this,” it said. “Rubbish!” the angel spat. “You relish every opportunity to move your unholy fascination into some kind of diseased action that will rob every single moment of joy.” The demon swallowed and looked down at the street. “Darklings are strangers to love. We spend an eternity on the outside of feeling looking in, wanting and needing. We are cursed by an overwhelming desire to reach out for it, burning it away in the process. Our life is mourning and nothing else.” The angel stared, its mouth open. “I … I’m … .” “Happy now?” the demon said, moving off farther down the street (following two people who had taken each other’s hand for the first time). “Of course you are. You roll around in joy like it’s nothing at all.” “No, I’m … ,” the angel started, watching the demon disappear into the shadows. ” … sorry,” it finished into the empty air.

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“I’d really like this to go forward; I think we have something special,” Sam said softly, taking her hand. “Me, too,” Dana answered shyly, looking around to make certain that no one in the coffee shop was listening. “So, I went and got tested,” Sam continued (even more softly). “Uh … okay,” Dana whispered, blushing. […]

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“She out back practicing?” Yardley asked, stepping into the main room and removing his hat. “The Reverend doesn’t practice,” Katie said, gesturing for him to sit and handing him a glass of lemonade, “she intends. She is of a mind to hit those targets.” A hot breeze moved aside the simple burlap curtains and Yardley […]

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