Tansy Undercrypt
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August 9th 2017 in Microfiction

Travis stepped out of the front door with his bag, waving to the others in the car. “Sweet Jesus, what is he wearing?” Leon muttered. “The Skittles rainbow, apparently,” Catherine smirked. “How many years do you have to spend on this planet to assimilate into a nice, neutral palette?” Mark commented. Travis fumbled with his keys at the front door, oblivious to the spectator review. “I mean – my gawd, yes, we’re star stuff,” Leon continued, “but that doesn’t mean you can dress like a … like a … ” The door locked successfully, Travis spun around and hopped down the front steps, his glittering sneakers lighting up at the heel. “Like a freaking nebula,” Catherine finished with grin.

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“Guillermo, quickly! The carriage!” Arturo called out, suddenly frantic. From the back room, Guillermo emerged, putting on his gloves. He grabbed the two baskets of supplies and rushed from the shop, standing at the curb (looking down). Within moments, an ornate black carriage pulled to a stop in front of him and a lady’s hand, […]

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“Some write from the richness of their lives; I write from lack.” Stoddard held the page close to his readers, balanced carefully in his gloved hands. “I write of things I do not know now and fear I will never know: wealth, security, and robust physical health.” “Wow,” Stoddard said, not looking up. “Just wait,” […]

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