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September 8th 2017 in Microfiction

Jennifer completed the chalk circle around Therman’s office chair, drawing the last segment with its companion locking sigil. “Wow,” Bill said, watching from the doorway. Jennifer removed a spray bottle from her backpack and spritzed the whole thing lightly so that it could not be seen. “All of that work and now you’re erasing it,” Bill said, incredulous. “Nah,” Jennifer answered. “This is water mixed with the remains of full moon fire; it’s a booster. Certain … things … like ash.” “What kind of things?” Bill asked, not sure that he really wanted to hear the answer. “Don’t worry about it,” Jennifer replied, sensing his fear. “You’re safe.” The office was suddenly stifling hot. “And you’re … not one for empty threats,” Bill whispered, backing away from the door. “I’m all about truth in advertising,” Jennifer whispered in return, grabbing her bags and moving into the hallway while shutting Therman’s office door behind her. “I’m just putting the hell back into ‘go to hell’.”

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These were long days of work and barricading. When preparations were well in hand at home, they wandered about the neighborhood helping the others to baton down the hatches. “You’re sure this is your first hurricane? Gosh darn good at this, both of you!” Elwin said by way of thanks. They smiled. “Don’t mix any […]

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It rattled about in the attic for quite some time, but no one came. It thumped in the walls and creaked on the stairs, but no one flinched (let alone jumped or screamed). It went outside and peered into the living room with its glowing red eyes, but no one even looked up. “I hate […]

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