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September 13th 2017 in Microfiction

“I’ve never felt like this before; she’s … magical,” Phil sighed. “Oh, gawd, here we go,” Roberta said, opening the field for commentary as she sat down. “No, I mean it,” Phil shot back, knowing how it sounded, “it’s like she can read my mind.” “If she could read your mind, she’d be in the corner screaming and crying,” Anne added, taking a long draw on her Long Island Tea. “I know … I deserve all of this,” Phil said, shaking his head and laughing. “This and so much more,” Roberta added. “So very much more.” “But … congrats,” Anne added, leading the others in a toast, “on your latest round of stupid happiness.” “Guys! There she is!” Phil waved enthusiastically as his two companions turned, taking in the appearance of an incredibly lovely young woman who seemed to glow with kindness and the promise of every good thing. “She’s fairy kind,” Roberta whispered, turning her eyes away by sheer force of will. “No wonder you’re such a hot mess already.” “Fuck,” Anne said, shaking her head to clear it. “Oh, you guys, she’s just … just the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Phil cooed, not listening anymore. “We need to leave the table before it gets here,” Roberta said to Anne, “or we’ll be goners, too.” “Affirmative,” Anne said, gathering her things and then pausing. “Goners?” “Yep,” Roberta said, patting Phil’s leg by way of saying goodbye. “He’ll be happier than he’s ever been in the whole of his human life, and then he’ll go stark, raving mad.” They fled the scene as the fairy approached the table, a light shining in the darkness, darkness shining underneath.

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It buzzed and clicked, its tentacles coiling and uncoiling, its singular opalescent eye scanning, ever scanning. John and Rachel crouched, trembling, in disbelief and fear. “I come in peace, of course,” it burbled, moving closer. “Uh … okay,” John said, trying to crawl backwards off of the picnic blanket while not looking like he was […]

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Willem answered the knocking and found a half-man half-beast in an emergency personnel vest, glasses perched on its snout in front of glowing amber eyes. “Timberly,” the monster man said, extending his claw and Willem shook it (not knowing what else to do). “We’re from the Black Cross.” Willem looked beyond the doorway and took […]

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