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September 21st 2017 in Microfiction

“This is the second time, Dennis,” Liz growled. “I … I know; I’m very sorry,” he responded, looking down at his lap. “I wasn’t thinking and I just acted and it was wrong.” “In a corporate environment, you cannot follow up behind someone and sniff them below the waist,” Liz rumbled (her teeth clenched). “I don’t care if it IS near the full moon, it’s considered harassment around which we have extremely strict policies.” “I know,” Dennis stuttered. “I just … forget myself. I’m new to this and I’m having trouble cleanly separating work brain and instinct brain.” “This is a written warning situation,” Liz said, her jaw set. “Your manager will be made aware. You will be assigned an integration packmate. The packmate will accompany you to common areas to socialize you appropriately and give you some support as well.” Dennis sighed heavily. “Okay.” Liz stood up and moved to the front of her desk; her facial features started to shift. “And I will register one formal correction with your pack leader,” she whispered. Dennis flinched, bowing his head with a small whine, letting Liz take his neck in her powerful jaws (the enormous canines applying a disconcerting amount of pressure). She held his head down for 30 seconds against the desk, submissive, before she released him and allowed him to sit up. Liz returned to her seat, again transformed, and made a note on her paperwork. “Get out of here, Dennis,” she said grimly, “and keep your nose clean. If I see you in HR again – especially for the same reason, there will be a longer correction and I’ll be forced to pee on you.” He couldn’t look her in the eyes. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “Don’t make me pee on you,” she added as he crept to the door and closed it behind him.

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