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September 22nd 2017 in Microfiction

Yumi met her teacher and classmates out at the site to present her design: a round independent living habitat that sat securely on its own platform high above the ground. “The ladder retracts,” she explained, using the remote to drop it down. “Two at a time, please.” For the next hour, they toured the little orb house in pairs, marveling at its natural light, and noticing that they felt safe and snug within it. “I’m actually surprised that I love it as much as I do,” Robert commented when they were all on the ground again. “It’s really incredible.” “I agree,” Remy added. “I’d like to know what inspired you to take things in this direction.” Yumi smiled and thanked them. “It is round because I do not like the thought that someone or something could hide behind a corner.” Everyone nodded. “I want a light on all of the time, but no way for something or someone to mess with the lights, so I went with independent embedded solar power.” More nodding. “The height of the platform and ladder functionality means that no one and nothing can look in. Interior waterproofing with a “rain setting” to activate the collection system means that I can shower in the middle of the room and not see a shadow on the other side of a glass door or curtain. The off-grid cycling compostable toilet means no connection to the sewer and no access into the pod from mutants, alligators, or evil clowns.” There was a moment of silence from the group before the applause started.

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