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September 28th 2017 in Microfiction

She arrived and greeted the others warmly; there was a buzz of excitement in the air. Smiling sweetly, she stepped out of her dress (standing in her light pink slip and sparkly hose in front of the group with no self-consciousness whatsoever) and placed the things she carried on a side table. “Ready?” She nodded “yes” to the question as the other stepped forward (in a black camisole, ruffled pantaloons, and striped tights). So much had happened recently that it was tempting to apologize for all of the trouble and the deaths besides, but she held her tongue. “You know the rules,” the referee said, and they both nodded. The Witch of the North stepped forward, cracking her knuckles. “We’ll work it all out and then we’ll let it go,” Glinda thought to herself. “That’s the best part of Fight Club.”

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“In your new form, you will be invincible,” the emperor said softly. “The enforced frame will deliver pain medication through subdermal conduits; the circulatory mechanics will make you fast, strong, and impossibly focused. The active carbon matter casing will not interfere with channeling and using The Force.” Vader said nothing. “Do you have concerns? Questions […]

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“Do not stare into the dramas and tangles of life,” Hon Lek said to the novices. “Do not take on the habit of rushing at them or wrestling with them.” The room was silent. “They are not real,” he continued. “The question before you, in every situation, is: will you put your life force here? […]

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