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October 4th 2017 in Microfiction

They drove silently all of the way to Vegas in a caravan, their thoughts on what they’d left behind and what lay ahead. They had found a small motel back a bit from the main highway that would serve as a place to change and rest. Tomorrow, they’d go to the site and take in the information (during the day so that the desire to change would not overwhelm them); that night, under the full moon, they’d begin the search on all fours (for speed) – identifying pets left alone … those whose human companions weren’t ever coming home. There would be food, water, comfort, and address tagging for the local rescue (cats) and relocation to the transport truck for the dogs if they were sad or afraid and wanted to stay close to the pack. “How many do you think?” Stephen asked, breaking the silence. “How many this time?” “Best not to do the numbers,” the alpha replied at the wheel, his eyes not moving from the road. “It’ll tear you up inside.”

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As the world raged and mourned, Paradise got ready. When the gates opened, the club opened (its infamous rabbit logo now wearing a halo) and he greeted them in a golden smoking jacket. “It’s all right,” Hugh said, shaking their hands and hugging them. “It’s all right now.” He passed out the VIP concert tickets, […]

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“I think we’re at a place where we need to really crystallize what The Wild Hunt is,” Shelly said, gesturing to the projected slide with her laser pointer. “Wikipedia basically says that something rushes by on horseback to do something. Not very helpful.” “The challenger is driven to remove the king,” someone in the front […]

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