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October 5th 2017 in Microfiction

“I think we’re at a place where we need to really crystallize what The Wild Hunt is,” Shelly said, gesturing to the projected slide with her laser pointer. “Wikipedia basically says that something rushes by on horseback to do something. Not very helpful.” “The challenger is driven to remove the king,” someone in the front said. “It is the way that it has always been.” “Okay, see? What the heck does that mean?” Shelly said. “I’m sorry, but that’s not a compelling back story. What challenger? What king?” “The Winter King,” someone else said. “Jeeeeebus,” Shelly whispered under her breath. “Let’s take this up a level. If you want more people to participate in your … thing … your Wilderness Fun Run, we’re going to need a story that people can relate to – something short and sweet (without the insanity and death) that draws people in.” “The wheel of the year must turn,” came a faint voice from the back. Shelly sighed, looking out at the crowd and freezing. So many eyes twinkling; so many pairs of glowing eyes. “These yahoos don’t need a hunt,” she thought to herself, feeling the hairs on her arms stand up. “They’re already crazy AF.”

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They drove silently all of the way to Vegas in a caravan, their thoughts on what they’d left behind and what lay ahead. They had found a small motel back a bit from the main highway that would serve as a place to change and rest. Tomorrow, they’d go to the site and take in […]

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“Well, like we talked about last week, I’m trying to channel my nervous energy into constructive projects,” the nosferatu said, its eyes shining yellow in the candlelight. The others in the circle nodded to be encouraging. “So I’m already working on my Halloween costume,” it added. Those creatures with eyes exchanged glances. “What are you […]

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