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October 7th 2017 in Microfiction

“You guys are back here; sweet little spot,” Leroy said, fixing the beam of his flashlight while gesturing with the other hand. “Feels secluded because of the density of trees, but you’re fairly close to the parking lot (for setting up) and only a stone’s throw from the loo.” Ed and Diane looked around, smiling. “It’s crazy beautiful here,” Ed said appreciatively. “Anything else we need to know?” Diane prompted, itching to get back to the car to grab the tent and gear. “No loud music after 9pm; make sure any and all campfires are fully extinguished; usual stuff,” Leroy responded. Starting to walk away, he turned back slightly. “You got a solar charged or battery lantern?” “Battery,” Ed answered. “Great,” Leroy said, giving them the thumbs up. “It have a movement sensor?” Ed nodded. “Hang it up. Keep it on all night. Most everything that prowls around here goes dazed and passive when a bright light hits it – even the Devil goes tharn.” “What?” Diane whispered, not sure she heard him correctly. “You kids take care,” Leroy said, moving up the path. “What did he say?” she said, turning to stare at Ed.

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“Well, like we talked about last week, I’m trying to channel my nervous energy into constructive projects,” the nosferatu said, its eyes shining yellow in the candlelight. The others in the circle nodded to be encouraging. “So I’m already working on my Halloween costume,” it added. Those creatures with eyes exchanged glances. “What are you […]

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For a long time (my 20s-30s), I contemplated taking anger management classes (actually enrolling on my own). At the end of the day, however, it seemed like a bad idea to be in a situation where I’d be mad at myself for getting mad at the world. Self-acceptance never really happened, but I became an […]

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