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October 9th 2017 in Microfiction

Leslie returned to the car walking briskly. “We’re good,” she said, opening the door and landing hard on the passenger seat. “If we continue on 5 West, we’ll pass Murray, then Emmett and be in Turner in 2 hours. There’s a Best Western along the highway.” “It’s almost midnight,” Tom complained. “Why drive two more hours?” Leslie sat still for a few seconds looking at her lap. “Because it’s not safe here,” she said quietly. “He gave me the pop and chips on the house and told me to get us back on the road until we hit Turner. The towns we pass will have all of their lights on, but no one is there.” “He told you a ghost story when you asked for directions?” Tom said with disgust. “He cast no reflection in the security mirror,” Leslie whispered. “I looked twice.” All of the lights inside and outside of the convenience store went off, plunging the car into darkness. “Drive,” Leslie instructed a dazed and hesitating Tom. The door of the convenience store opened slowly. “DRIVE!” Leslie screamed, and Tom slammed the car into reverse.

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For a long time (my 20s-30s), I contemplated taking anger management classes (actually enrolling on my own). At the end of the day, however, it seemed like a bad idea to be in a situation where I’d be mad at myself for getting mad at the world. Self-acceptance never really happened, but I became an […]

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Bob washed his hands in the sink, glancing right and taking in the framed embroidery that hung there. While he looked, the flowers and butterflies seemed to rearrange themselves – every thread reaching for another to form words. “You’re going to be fine,” it said. Bob emerged from the bathroom shaking his head to clear […]

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