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October 11th 2017 in Microfiction

“The pigs were smart but, when the processing truck came, they filed in (complaining loudly, but moving forward nonetheless),” Bull said in his deep, rich voice. “In the end, it was Gertrude who started the rebellion – who woke the others from their delusion, who showed us how to live free and beyond the yoke of the oppressor.” “Gertrude!” the others called out. Bull cleared his throat, adding dramatic impact to the reading. “In the first light of dawn on that final, fateful day, the men came to fill the chicken truck, but Gertrude could not be caught. She moved beyond the rules of space and time as we accepted them, slipping every net, bending the fabric of this limited reality to escape every box, every cage, every attempt to subdue her.” “Gertrude had unlocked The Matrix,” Peep whispered, getting to the good part. “Gertrude had unlocked The Matrix,” Bull pronounced, glaring over at Peep. A cheer went up and, in the lull that followed, a cluck was heard from the top of the barn, where no chicken had ever been before.

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Bob washed his hands in the sink, glancing right and taking in the framed embroidery that hung there. While he looked, the flowers and butterflies seemed to rearrange themselves – every thread reaching for another to form words. “You’re going to be fine,” it said. Bob emerged from the bathroom shaking his head to clear […]

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No one would sit with the fire elementals at lunch. “Oh, sure,” Maggie hissed, “it’s funny when you say “Cleanse it with fire”, but you’re bitter when it happens!” “Let it go,” Alan said quietly, taking hold of her flaming elbow. “How many times have you giggled and said, “Let’s burn this mofo down?!?” she […]

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