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October 12th 2017 in Microfiction

No one would sit with the fire elementals at lunch. “Oh, sure,” Maggie hissed, “it’s funny when you say “Cleanse it with fire”, but you’re bitter when it happens!” “Let it go,” Alan said quietly, taking hold of her flaming elbow. “How many times have you giggled and said, “Let’s burn this mofo down?!?” she yelled at the others. “LET IT GO,” Alan said again (sternly), steering her to a corner spot and making sure she sat down. “What the hell is WRONG with these people?” Maggie sulked, staring at her tray. “Well, the air and water elementals are completely exhausted from hurricane season,” Alan said, pained to be the one who had to state the freaking obvious, “and the earth elementals are kind of busy strategizing around clean up and recovery.” Maggie sighed. “We suck,” she said, putting her fork down. “No, we don’t,” Alan corrected, giving her arm a pat, “but the death part of rebirth is nobody’s favorite. We all pretty much feel sad and guilty.” “Douchebag circle of life,” Maggie muttered and was relieved to hear one of the earth guardians laugh.

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“The pigs were smart but, when the processing truck came, they filed in (complaining loudly, but moving forward nonetheless),” Bull said in his deep, rich voice. “In the end, it was Gertrude who started the rebellion – who woke the others from their delusion, who showed us how to live free and beyond the yoke […]

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She came down the stairs in her high-necked swimming dress, a lawn chair tucked awkwardly under one arm, a black towel and a book of spells clutched in the other. “I’m gloombathing,” she announced to her parents, who watched her descend with interest. “I’ll be out on top of the family crypt, soaking up the […]

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