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October 28th 2017 in Microfiction

Wonder Woman landed a punch to his jaw and then kicked him hard in the solar plexus (a stylish combo the others felt sure could redefine “ass kicking” for generations to come). He reeled backwards, spinning to the ground, grabbing at the air. She moved quickly, tying him up with rope. Once immobile, she lifted him up onto his feet and gave him a hug. “Uh,” said Batman, standing up, “you had me in awe until that last part.” “Which part?” she responded, confused. “That huggy bit. Kind of a soft close on subduing a dangerous criminal.” “We are not allowed to use compassion in our work?” Wonder Woman asked directly. “Yeah, Bruce,” one of the other Justice Leaguers commented from the back. “I need you to hug me.” “Go to hell,” he said, not turning around to acknowledge the laughter that followed. “Flawless execution and hella unique personal style. Next!” The dummy was reset and another superhero stepped forward to demonstrate.

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“There was no bad blood between the holidays afterwards,” the Mayor told them, smiling and frowning then smiling and frowning. “They kept a respectful distance from each other, but feelings remained warm and supportive.” The children grinned from ear to ear (their brains chock full of cobwebs and presents under the tree). “The Pumpkin King […]

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They taunt me, pressing for inconsistencies in my story. Finding none, they choose to abuse me in their frustration rather than accept that I am right and take heed. Seward. Harker. They are too close to it, but Van Helsing knows that the master is real. I see it in his furrowed brow, the downward […]

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