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November 8th 2017 in Microfiction

“This is spectacular,” Greta said, looking into the box. She carefully pulled out one lock of hair, a blonde curl tied with a tiny pink ribbon. “There are I don’t know how many in here – mementos of every child she ever loved.” A door opened, then closed, and Hans was at her elbow. She showed him the curl, but he turned his eyes away. “There are piles of bones in the basement,” he whispered. “I taped the area and called for backup. Put the hair back in the box and don’t disturb anything else.” Greta gasped and moved in slow motion to return the box to the dining room table. It was only then that she noticed the candy (an impossible amount of candy, placed everywhere in boxes, bowls, and bags). “Oh my God,” she said, seeing things in a new light, her throat tight. “It was just a fairytale … just a fairytale.” Greta turned to stare at the oven and Hans took her arm. “Don’t touch anything,” he said quietly, as the first of the police cars pulled into the driveway.

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“Do you need anything, Mr. Linden?” the nurse asked softly. “No, I’m all right,” he responded. “I’m just letting it all sink in.” She sat down near to him, wanting to reassure him and give him space at the same time. “It’s very hard in the beginning,” she said gently, “when families first visit memory […]

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“Look at this,” Jessica said to Ethan and Parker, coming into the living room with a pile of notebooks. “Mom’s letters to the dead.” They stopped packing boxes and turned to her. “Wow,” Ethan said, walking over. “She wrote a letter to someone every day (instead of writing a traditional diary),” Parker remembered. “Yes,” Jessica […]

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