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November 10th 2017 in Microfiction

“Well?” Butters asked, stepping out of the exercise wheel in her cage and walking up to the glass. “Could be worse,” Midnight (a.k.a. The Vengeance) reported, sitting on the dresser, giving his ears a good rubbing. “Haunted woods; high ratio of dead to living (3 cemeteries where you’d think 2 would suffice); crazy neighbor.” “Crazy serial killer neighbor or crazy cohort to the evil in the swamp neighbor?” Butters asked, concerned. “Killer,” Midnight answered, cleaning the paw that had touched his ears seconds before. “Okay, well, that’s always problematic, but not an immediate worry,” Butters said, heading off to her cedar shavings cave. “Good recon. Thanks.” “You’re welcome,” Midnight responded, barely paying attention. He was thinking back to the last move – the place with the clown in the sewer.

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“Look at this,” Jessica said to Ethan and Parker, coming into the living room with a pile of notebooks. “Mom’s letters to the dead.” They stopped packing boxes and turned to her. “Wow,” Ethan said, walking over. “She wrote a letter to someone every day (instead of writing a traditional diary),” Parker remembered. “Yes,” Jessica […]

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She looked into the cave, into a darkness that seemed to expand the more she stared. All she had to do was walk in, move silently in the pitch black to the far wall, not fall to her doom using the rock to guide her to the cavern at the back, not think about spiders, […]

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