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November 11th 2017 in Microfiction

She looked into the cave, into a darkness that seemed to expand the more she stared. All she had to do was walk in, move silently in the pitch black to the far wall, not fall to her doom using the rock to guide her to the cavern at the back, not think about spiders, find some way to kill the monster who guarded the chest with her bare hands, and not go insane when she dared to light a match and read the scroll therein. “How do I get myself into this shit?” she thought to herself, half tempted to not save the world this time.

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“Well?” Butters asked, stepping out of the exercise wheel in her cage and walking up to the glass. “Could be worse,” Midnight (a.k.a. The Vengeance) reported, sitting on the dresser, giving his ears a good rubbing. “Haunted woods; high ratio of dead to living (3 cemeteries where you’d think 2 would suffice); crazy neighbor.” “Crazy […]

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Do not look outside of yourself for a beautiful life, Teddy; look inside.
You have our gifts as well as your own; hopelessly flawed and ridiculous, we have given you the best of ourselves (and a couple of things to keep you humble) – all of it yours to use as you see fit.
Make a […]

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