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Diary Pages: Nymphadora Lupin (“Tonks”)

November 12th 2017 in Microfiction

Do not look outside of yourself for a beautiful life, Teddy; look inside.
You have our gifts as well as your own; hopelessly flawed and ridiculous, we have given you the best of ourselves (and a couple of things to keep you humble) – all of it yours to use as you see fit.
Make a path before you (create it from what calls to you in your heart) and follow it. Chase happiness. 

Avoid always spoiling for a fight (if you can). Love your life, enjoy yourself, and when the fight comes to you (it will … it always will), be ready. 

If you find yourself cursing fate, you’ve let go of yourself. Neither time nor circumstance is your enemy, but apathy is.
Reclaim your magic; own your power.

Because it’s there.

Like us, it will always be there.


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