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November 14th 2017 in Microfiction

“And now you shall DIE!” Len shrieked, lunging forward and tearing his human mask away to reveal the monster underneath. “Dammit Len!” Marcie spat back, irritated, tearing her human mask away to reveal the monster underneath. “This is MY turf!” “What the hell?” Darren sputtered, shocked, tearing his human mask away to reveal the monster underneath. “Are there any actual PEOPLE in this place?” They stood there, holding their daytime faces in their hands, looking around bewildered. No one passing in the hallway even noticed them. “Sorry guys,” Len said sheepishly, “I didn’t even think.” “Don’t apologize,” Marcie commented, shaking her head. “We should’ve known. This is kind of embarrassing.” “No, seriously,” Darren pressed, “are there actually any people here?”

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Stuart walked very slowly from the house, carefully balancing the box of supplies. When he arrived at the barn, he nudged the door open (then closed) with his butt. Inside, the structure was filled with radiant light, as if the sun had decided to try something new and set in that very spot. She sat […]

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“I must confess that I read your work only sparingly,” Batton said (with appreciation rather than criticism), “for it profoundly affects me.” “With melancholy?” Poe asked, looking out of the window at the gathering dark. “Others have said as much – that it has within it a pervasive claustrophobia and distress.” “That,” Batton clarified, “but […]

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