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December 4th 2017 in Microfiction

“And still I chase you across the sky,” the sun said (breaking the silence, reaching out). “I don’t know why you bother,” the moon replied, stunned to hear it out in the open like that (taking away her pretense of being unaware). “Because I love you,” the sun sighed, having been through it all before (millions of times). The moon waned a bit, falling silent (which she often did), pulling at the oceans to stir them up and hide her tears in the waves. “And I will continue to do so,” the sun added, “until you are brave enough to love me back.” He was glowing when he said that, dragging the dawn behind him. “Don’t be ridiculous,” the moon whispered with her back to him, irritated when he went full-mensch like this. “I already love you, you idiot,” she mouthed silently, looking back at how incredibly handsome he was (shining there), and promising herself not to slip like that again.

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Dear Ethan,
I was deeply touched by your letter.
It’s been a long time since I’ve received a rant of defiance – something that condemns the whole being-good-for-fabulous-cash-and-prizes system. The blurry black and white picture of your butt from the library photocopier … well, I got choked up. You’ve got style, kid, and you’re going places; […]

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The berglek threw them into a corner of the store room, tightly roped together. “Mrrg sshng!” it grunted, slamming the door as it left them behind. “Too right,” Viper said softly, testing the knots, trying to move her hands. “Mrrg sshng. My thoughts exactly.” “Ouch. This could be going better,” Smite muttered, the coils biting […]

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