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Letters from Krampus #4

December 17th 2017 in Microfiction

Dear Zimmer,

Uh. Wow. You … okay.

Thank you for saying that I’m “better than What’s-His-Claus” for my understanding of the darkness in human beings. 
This is undeniably true and no one has ever just put it out there in writing. I don’t mind telling you that my greatest challenge on most days is not telling Saint Nick where to shove his Christmas cheer. 

Even so, I enter into the darkness equation on the “root it out” side, the punishment angle, so I cringe a bit at you putting me on a pedestal as a hero – especially as you’ve asked me to gift you with the Necronomicon (totally not doing that, but DAMN).

It takes a lot to scare me; I haven’t had goose pimples in aeons. Kudos, my creepy little friend. 

Sack time.


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*LANGUAGE WARNING: use of raw slang terminology; reader discretion is advised*

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