Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


January 2nd 2018 in Microfiction

He shut the doors and windows securely against the wind. “I think I could deal with the cold,” Sam said, watching the trees in the yard sway and bend, “if it wasn’t for the wind. I hate the wind.” Roaring northwesterly across the corner lot, the wind threw sticks at the siding and howled down the chimney. “Jeeebus,” Sam said, walking into the kitchen to put the kettle on. The wind, seeing him retreat inside of the house, used the last of its strength to rattle every pane of glass it could reach (in a desperate bid to get his attention). Sam picked up his mug of tea and went into the den, turning the volume up on the television. The wind relented, wishing him well, having done all that she could to warn him that there was someone hiding in the basement.

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The signs had been there, of course – try as she might not to see them (pain, weakness, and a fatigue that no sleep could touch). He’d entered the parlor with a book she had begged him to fetch from the library, extending his hand carefully, when a look of surprise crossed his face and […]

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Wendell and Joe walked up to the arbor, intrigued. Wendell leaned in close to inspect it and came away nodding (clearly impressed). “What have we got?” Joe asked from the path. “Bachmann Knot”, Wendell replied. “A solid departure where Blake’s Hitch is typically used, but limiting. The Bachmann will reset itself as the plants grow, […]

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