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January 3rd 2018 in Microfiction

Wendell and Joe walked up to the arbor, intrigued. Wendell leaned in close to inspect it and came away nodding (clearly impressed). “What have we got?” Joe asked from the path. “Bachmann Knot”, Wendell replied. “A solid departure where Blake’s Hitch is typically used, but limiting. The Bachmann will reset itself as the plants grow, whereas the Blake would eventually strangle the plant.” Joe whistled. “So, just today, we’ve found a Halyard Bend, two French Bowlines, two Transoms, and a West Country Whipping,” he said quietly. “How is this even possible?” Wendell drew a deep breath and smiled. “Haven’t seen this since my Navy days. Never expected to see it again.” “Do you think little Marilyn is teaching herself from books or … ?” Joe asked, still trying to make sense of it all. “Nope,” Wendell replied, “God bless her. Knot magic chooses the keeper of its secrets; I doubt she has any idea she’s making them (even while she’s stuffing her pockets with string and cord).” “Think we should take this one back to the coven and let them know?” Joe wondered aloud. “NO!” Wendell responded vehemently. “None of these are to be undone or cut away for any reason!” Joe put both hands up to placate his friend. “I just … ,” he began. “We’ll arrange a tour for the others, based on our map of the knot locations, but we need to leave ’em be,” Wendell stated firmly. “Trust me; these things are holding the world together.” There was a look in his eye, a mixture of gratitude and fear.

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