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January 4th 2018 in Microfiction

Roger groaned and Barb laughed. She held out her hand to read the note he’d found in his pocket and he complied, handing it over. “The werewolf thing … I took that on because I love you and I’m not sorry. We got this whole “full moon” crap figured out. BUT … if you EVER drag your butt across the hall carpet again, a rolled up newspaper will be the last of your freaking problems. – S.” Barb grinned from ear to ear and gave the note back. “Life … it’s so … elegant,” she said, barely keeping a straight face. “Vampires don’t have to deal with shit like this,” Roger sulked. “It’s totally unfair.”

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Wendell and Joe walked up to the arbor, intrigued. Wendell leaned in close to inspect it and came away nodding (clearly impressed). “What have we got?” Joe asked from the path. “Bachmann Knot”, Wendell replied. “A solid departure where Blake’s Hitch is typically used, but limiting. The Bachmann will reset itself as the plants grow, […]

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Verna heard the sighing and, peering into the bedroom, saw the trembling lower lip. “Don’t you trust that mirror,” she said, coming through the doorway slowly to stand behind her granddaughter. “It’s all lies and bitterness.” “Wha- what?” Charlene reacted, trying to act nonchalant. “Lies, all lies,” Verna said, putting her hands on the girl’s […]

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