Tansy Undercrypt
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January 9th 2018 in Microfiction

She looked around, unsure about what to do. “A tricksy dealing?” the fairy asked herself (in a bit of a muddle). “Satisfying though it may be, the subtlety of a curse hidden inside of a blessing might be lost on ones such as these (who display a natural inclination towards doom). Hmmm.” She watched the crush of people move by on their way to places, things, and more people, determined and defeated at the same time. “A glamour, perhaps?” she pondered next, but instantly believed that to be pointless. “These poor creatures love a pleasing disguise and spend no small amount of time and gold trying to offer one themselves.” The fairy clicked her tongue in exasperation. “Ah,” she said at last (with a deep sigh). “Aaaahhhhh.” “You see the world as it is and know what must be done?” Oberon whispered inside of her head. “I do, my lord,” she responded, her eyes bright. “I shall make this place a vale of sleep. They are so tired, so very tired.” On the commuter platform, 67 people leaned against each other and nodded off for 20 years, peaceful and preserved.

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“How’s it going?” Devon asked, reaching for the coffee pot. “Another day, another dollar in the pocket of the galactic overlords,” James responded, looking up from his phone with a shrug and a grin. Devon laughed. “Too right,” he agreed, heading back to his desk. “Later!” Behind the one-way glass disguised as a cork board […]

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An old man’s voice answered his knock. “May I help you?” “Winston Felty,” Clarence replied, “I know that you are responsible for healthcare in this country; I’ve come to meet with you and arrive at a solution to my situation.” A dry chuckle came back, followed by the sound of locks being undone. Clarence looked […]

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