Tansy Undercrypt
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February 6th 2018 in Microfiction

She worked hard on the letter, writing and re-writing it until the words struck a balance between the misery of life, the fiery end of days, and God’s love; she then duplicated it in her own hand on notebook paper – one for every neighbor on her block. It was important to tell them about the end … and about the new beginning. “Not to warn, but to share the eternal promises,” she said to herself, addressing the envelopes, “so that, in knowing, they might choose to serve.” She was tired and decided to deliver the stack on her walk tomorrow morning. “There’s no need to rush, really,” Zuul whispered, rising and turning off the light in her tiny study. “It’s not as if they can prevent the coming of Gozer.”

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“Dude, you’re hardcore,” Stan said, pausing in the hallway, pointing to the hanging sit-up bar installed in one corner of the bedroom. “Start the day with crunches! I totally need one of those.” He reached back to high five Mylos, who hesitated, looking surprised. “Yes,” he added awkwardly. “Sit-ups first thing in the morning.” “BOOM, […]

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“Just come on,” Bill said, extending his hand. The portal glowed behind him, a swirling cloud of glittering yellow, blue, and green. “That had better be Narnia,” Sharlene said, taking his hand but not getting up. Bill pulled hard and brought her to her feet. “Whither thou goest, I will go,” he said, smiling. “Besides, […]

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