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February 9th 2018 in Microfiction

It had been a good job – the kind that makes you feel important within the grand scheme of things. “Being a medical courier doesn’t sound like much, but think about it,” Matt said to the guys at the counter. “You’re at the airport to pick up a heart that’s moving from one chest into another. Circle of freaking life.” “Kind of creepy, if you ask me,” Wanda said, refilling their coffees. Matt laughed (someone always got creeped out when he talked about work). “It’s not really; think about it,” Matt directed at her. “For however long it takes you to race to the surgery center, you’ve got extra heart – twice as much as the next guy. Your car is a bonafide heartmobile, bringing the love everywhere! You got an arm in there, you’re that extra hand that everybody needs to make their lives better!” The counter folk nodded and smiled, but Matt could see that they didn’t get it (not really). He stood up, said goodbye to everyone, and wandered out to his car. He peered into the back at the tailgate fridge he’d wired into the car’s electrical system, the green light telling him that all was well. “I would’ve stayed forever,” he whispered, signaling and moving carefully out of the parking lot onto the county road, “but the head made me so much smarter; I had the power to finally figure out all of my crap and live a brave, new life. I just couldn’t give it back.”

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“You don’t have to worry about it,” Thor explained. “If he starts getting green around the ears, just keep saying “the sun’s getting real low” over and over; it calms him down.” Banner overheard the instruction and sighed. He locked the door and sat down carefully on the meditation cushion. “I’ve got to keep in […]

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