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Diary Pages: Marigold Faith (“Mary”) Poppins

February 11th 2018 in Microfiction

I do not prefer the company of children to that of adults, but I’ve seen what can happen if a child is raised without conscience, manners, and imagination. I believe that last one – imagination – to be the most important quality of all. If they cannot envision a world better than this one, what hope do we have that it will come to pass? None, for no effort will be made.

In the end, it is far better to be a person who walks through paintings and dances with penguins in your mind’s eye than someone who sees no magic anywhere at all and makes a tomb of every room in which there might have been delight and happy enterprise.

I do not prefer the company of children, but I am about the work of saving the world in any way that I can.

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