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July 24th 2012 in Microfiction

At long last, Dracula’s curiosity got the better of him and he sent for the young man. He asked what had caused such an unusual amount of fuss. His guest strolled to the nearest sunlit window and bared his chest to the light, gleaming like crushed diamonds. The Dracul raised one eyebrow, put his fingertips together and laughed dryly. Rising from his chair, he spoke quietly. “Let me show you how legends are made in Transylvania.” The village heard screaming until dawn.

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“I LOVE reunions!” He followed her gaze over to the man and woman, who were caressing each other’s faces shyly. “Let’s go introduce ourselves!” They floated over to where the woman’s spirit had risen from her 2pm internment into the arms of her waiting husband. “Welcome, you two!” she sang out, smiling. At the grave, […]

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“You need meds or something, Faye,” Bill said, annoyed. She fell silent then. Maybe he was right about her “vision” (how could the sky crack and sharks fly around devouring people?). They didn’t talk before he left to pick up Jeremy and take him out for the day. Later on, after the earthquake struck, she […]

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