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Diary Pages: Danuta Veyuvic

March 4th 2018 in Microfiction

Waiting for the Advil to kick in. Two hours at the end of the driveway with the sidewalk chalk; everything hurts, but FEH. 80 years old, but I remember what it’s like to be young; I remember all of that business – the courage and stupidity. Lots of trying and lots of tears. So I write them things to read on the walk home from school; today’s was “Find something in the mirror that you like every day”. Milos thinks I’m crazy, but somebody left me a flower in the mailbox. They picked it out of my garden to put it there, but what do I care? I put it in a vase on the dining room table.

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“My gawd,” Lead Inspector Ockten said, walking carefully through the plastic draping and shaking his head. “Look at this place.” “Worst we’ve seen, but not the first we’ve seen,” Detective Harris commented. “Over here.” In the living room, an ornate mirror had been laid flat on a fake fur ottoman, its surface strewn with black […]

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The first crow appeared in the yard, followed by a second and a third. A fourth. A fifth. More. Still more. Crows everywhere, squawking loudly as they touched down, arrogant in their numbers. Peter and Sonja watched, standing far back from the picture window. “They’re punch drunk from landing,” Peter whispered, staring straight ahead. “Exhausted […]

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