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December 6th 2012 in Microfiction

For his birthday, his friends bought Sisyphus a t-shirt with “Same Shit Different Day” printed on the front and a rock polishing kit. He rolled his eyes, but laughed right along with them. His life was hard and he was grateful for their humor as well as their kindness.

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Her parents rarely brought Millie anywhere (unless one of their important and wealthy friends recommended a greater portion of kindness for the girl). They dragged her along on the whale watching cruise for just such a reason – that and the unspoken hope she’d trip and fall over the side. She was … like another […]

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The bogart sat glumly in its dressing cupboard, glad to be away from the children. It typically enjoyed reading their projections of terror and then roaring out from behind the mirror as the thing they feared most. Today, however, little Emma Ottoline saw her mother in him and couldn’t cast her protection spell; she just […]

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