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December 10th 2012 in Microfiction

Master Shifu had heard every possible story about the Dragon Warrior that there was; as the decades wore on, the tales grew more and more fantastical. While he saw little harm in having a hero, Shifu often wished that he could eat a bowl of noodles in public without being interrupted. Last week, irritated, he had looked someone right in the eye at the end of his tale and said, “One thing few people actually know about pandas is that they’re mean – complete and total bastards.” He regretted saying it, but the silence that followed was very close to inner peace.

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A loud thud called Wilhelmina Avery to the front porch, where she discovered [BLANK]. Acting quickly, she [BLANK] and returned to the house to [BLANK].

(Illustration by Edward Gorey)

Tansy’s answer:  a frozen guest who’d taken the drunken round of “Statue” just a shade too far, spray painted him grey (giving him a fetching faux stone look), […]

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He recognized Nancy Benfield from fifth period math. She had taken the shambler down with one bullet. “Hey, Troy,” she said with a nod. He stammered his thanks, his teeth still chattering with fear. “I used to sit around wishing I was prettier, cooler, funnier – anything to make you guys like me,” Nancy said, […]

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