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December 22nd 2012 in Microfiction

She listened as he walked her through his drawing – his proof that a sleigh filled with many tons of toys, pulled by non-flying mammals, couldn’t possibly exist. His eyes filled with tears. “But, Nikola,” she said gently, “if we take as our assumption that this IS possible and DOES happen, we must approach the problem differently. What is the actual mode of acceleration? What temporal anomalies are employed to explain the travel?” The boy’s face brightened, his eyes wide. He hugged her and sprinted off to his room to think on it. Her heart ached for her extremely factual, overly serious son. “Please,” Mrs Tesla prayed silently at the dining room table, “let him keep his wonder about the world.”

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Dillard (Duly) Constant marveled at how Salem was going to hell in a handbasket of its own design. The trials were a waste of public resources (not to mention a waste of good people’s time). “Mea culpa,” Duly murmured to himself, locking the door of the secret room behind him. He had completely misjudged these […]

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Meribell Flimdimley, casually drifting through the Sopholter sitting room humming “[BLANK]”, paused at the tree to admire its prodigious application of baubles and beads. “[BLANK],” she whispered, peering into the depths of the thing at what appeared to be a [BLANK].

(Illustration by Edward Gorey)

Tansy’s answer:  Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, “O, Most Horrible Tannenbaum”, mummified […]

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