Tansy Undercrypt
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December 27th 2012 in Microfiction

With the new year almost here, Sauron pondered his resolutions. Being less obsessive compulsive about The Ring would certainly give him some work/life balance, but he wondered if something simpler would be easier to achieve. Maybe he could take a bit of black magic and build a mighty eyelid.  “Yesssss!” he thought to himself, elated. Everything would be better if he could occasionally get eight hours of shuteye.

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The Ghost of Christmas Present packed up his things: the twinkling lights, the goblets, the tinsel and bows, the incredible feast, his party clothes, the cheer … as well as the sadness and lack that clung to it (something for Ignorance and Want to carry). Soon, there would be a knock on the door and […]

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She brought her walker up flush with the sink and rested her forehead against the mirror. It began, “Even near death, you remain the fairest …”. “Hush now, old friend,” Eva interrupted, patting the glass gently. “I’m going soon; I can feel it. I’d like to do something for you before that happens. I’m wondering: […]

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