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After the opera, Joan’s date opened great leathery wings, gripped her in his talons, and flew her away. He peeked at her while flying and she was looking around, not squirming. He swooped into a deluxe crypt in an unknown city, where he lit a fire and pushed her onto a red velvet chaise, biting her in the neck. He peeked at her while biting and she was looking around, not screaming. “Look,” he said, straightening up, “I’m obviously a vampire and you’re obviously my victim. Doesn’t that concern you in the least?” Joan smiled at him pleasantly and replied, “You’re handsome, intelligent, an excellent conversationist, and clearly have a unique sense of interior design.” He raised both eyebrows. “At least I won’t die of boredom,” she continued. “I’ve had WAY worse dates than this.”

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