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January 5th 2013 in Microfiction

Elliot walked up to the counter at the local humane society and put the fifty dollars his grandparents had given him for his birthday on the glass. “I want the ugliest dog you have,” he said, his eyes looking straight ahead. “I want him to be really bad … and mean … and hate everybody. I want a dog nobody could love.” “But why? Why a dog like that?” Charlene asked, concerned. “So that,” Elliot said, looking down and starting to cry, “… so that … not even heaven will want him for a long, long time.” “You’re in luck,” Char said gently, her voice catching, “the most horrible puppies ever born are right over here and they’re free today.”

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Earl made Yvonne nervous; he was smooth as all get out. Coming back from the dining room, he’d grabbed a rose from the front desk bouquet and tucked it behind her right ear, brushing the side of her face with his hand. He’d winked at her, then pranced off to the TV room as fast […]

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The Barner-Stokes and Pomfreet children, having slipped away from their nannies, wandered through the ruins of the old town, [BLANK] and [BLANK]. It was not until the apparition of the head in the jar appeared to them at the old pharmacy saying “[BLANK]” that they recovered some [BLANK].

(Illustration by Edward Gorey)

Tansy’s answer:  throwing stones, singing […]

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