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January 8th 2013 in Microfiction

“I’ve come undone,” Esmeralda pouted, moving to stand before him. “Nothing for it, my dear; it appears to be hereditary,” Roderick commented, not looking up from his paper. “My necklace, Roderick; I am speaking of my NECKLACE.” A storm was crossing both brows as he lifted his eyes to meet hers. “Ah,” he smiled. “Of course.” He did not rescind his comment, casually noticing that she wasn’t wearing any jewelry. Roderick knew his wife was barking mad; he’d said as much to the gents at the club (who promptly began taking wagers on when he’d have to lock her in the tower). “Looks like Wednesday,” he whispered to himself, going back to the news.

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And she cried out to the goddess Kali before she died, this woman violated and beaten and thrown onto the road as garbage, saying “Awake, Fire of All Hearts, and avenge me.” And Kali heard her supplication, the mountain moving in a wave of creatures she then turned into women: scorpions, serpents, spiders, and jungle […]

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“It was all … a phantasm?” Elrond asked, incredulous, leaves stuck to his face where the drool had dried. “Yes! Isn’t it wonderful?” Frodo grinned. “His biggest and most successful spell! I’m sure he’ll be impossible now.” “If I let him live,” the dwarf grumbled sourly. Boromir tried to stand, then wobbled to the side […]

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