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January 21st 2013 in Microfiction

“You have a formidable talent – especially in oils, my favorite medium,” he said, giving her a smile across the desk. “Thank you,” Erin responded shyly, casting her smile to the floor. “In fact,” he continued, “I’d like to commission you to do a portrait – a sitting portrait of myself.” She gasped and met his gaze. “Really? Wow! I would … well, if you think I’m ready … I would jump at the chance to … I mean … anything you want,” she stuttered, cringing as the words came out. He was her favorite art teacher and he made her a nervous wreck. “I shall wear my best suit,” he said gently, noting her discomfort, “and we’ll paint it here at the school. Let’s speak later about the cost and timing; I don’t want to make you late for your next class.” “Okay,” Erin said, getting up and moving to the door. “Thanks, Mr. Gray.” When she’d left, Dorian Gray wondered where he’d put this next painting; maybe he’d display it proudly in the sitting room and not put it in the attic with the others.

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Several pages of photographs have been inserted within the lexicon, their purpose and significance unknown. All images are marked with a name and a location, but handwriting experts are needed to decipher the additional notations found on the fronts or backs.

This sepia print is identified as “Elsa Squibo: Unseemly Lake, Minnesota”. The back reads “[BLANK]”.

(Source: […]

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He fished year-round although, to be truthful, ice fishing was more rewarding. Impervious to the cold, you’d sit staring at the surface of the water – the excitement building over your catch, your vision tunneled to that singular dark hole in a field of white, watching the line pull snug, seeing the bobber go. Somehow, […]

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