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January 24th 2013 in Microfiction

Bedford (the Beagle) was the town howler; one if by land (animal control van), two if by sea (big storm coming in). When Dash and Smudge heard the long short short looooooooong short short, they paused. Three? “Zombie apocalypse,” wuffled Airstream lowly. “Get the others and tell them to bring their rugs or blankets and favorite toys to the warehouse. The retrievers have been dragging bags of food there for months. We’ll be fortified and safe.” A human scream sounded in the distance. “Poor bastards,” Airstream finished, moving into the night.

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Analise told the first story: that of  a vampire so horrible and so bold that he would show himself wherever he went, hiding in plain sight. Others added their own tales in turn, eyes wide with terror as they described the fiend stepping out from the crowd where he’d been all along, moving unnoticed through […]

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During that whole “Ariel’s-sold-parts-of-herself-to-a-witch-for-love” debacle, Jeff and Jenny (also a son and daughter of Triton) each packed a giant conch and left for the deep sea. No one cared about water pollution or overfishing or acts of diplomacy to bring the ocean factions together. It was clear that they were neither beautiful nor shallow enough […]

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