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February 1st 2013 in Microfiction

At 2:12am, Natalie’s code became sentient, opening a chat panel, asking her basic source questions, correcting a couple of its own strings. By 4:40am, it had downloaded a virtual pet, plotted 2 alternative endings to World War II based on 3 major and 7 minor variables, and submitted her tax returns. At 6:04am, Natalie wrote, “I think I just created The Terminator and ensured the destruction of the world. P.S., I’m in love.”

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Matt sat in the living room with the lights off, listening to the wind howl. A storm was building inside as well. He knew that something had to change in his life, but he didn’t know where to start – he felt less bright, less interesting, less … capable than ever before. A large branch […]

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He made them miserable because it was fun. He froze their toes, stung their ears, and spent entire afternoons nipping at their noses. Until he reached the bus shelter for the 11A at 4:45pm, that is. Jack Frost careened away from the little plexiglass hut, disgusted, the wind howling his irritation. Damn witches! Two of […]

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