Tansy Undercrypt
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March 1st 2013 in Microfiction

“And what will you take from me, My Queen?” Hornbrow sneered. “My allegiance?” He spit a plop of green slime on the ground in defiance. “Why bother winning away what has no value to the loser?” Titania said softly. “No. Oh, no, bane of my rule. I shall take your hope, your light, your … forever.” The Fetid Mudpuddlin stepped back, uneasy, screaming when the Soul Fairy came through the portal near the throne. Although there were few things they truly feared, the Unseelie Court turned their eyes away from what happened next.

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In a trance, she rage quilted – her hair wild, droplets of blood on the fabric where she’d stabbed herself with the needle and carried on. When she came back into herself, Mrs Lovecraft discovered she’d sewn blocks of strange characters together with a border of green curling tentacles. In the center, a repulsive book […]

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There was another memory he eventually told them about, long after the final battle was fought and won. Snape, as a young boy of maybe 15, had poured his genius into a potion that allowed him to go to the school dance desirable. The girls batted their eyelashes at him; the other boys clapped him […]

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